Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" John 15:13


Veteran Surf is a Traffic Exchange created to help raise the awareness of what our men and women do for us to maintain our Freedom. It also serves to get your sites seen from all over the world. It is a Tribute to Veterans, both Past and Present. It is also a Memorial to those that have given the Ultimate Sacrifice.

It may be designed about Veterans. But Everyone is Welcome to Join!

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Testimonial: I was a little leery when I joined, that this was not legit. I have found it to not only be very legit but a place where I as a Veteran feel welcome and with friends. I have already had good traffic sent to several of the sites I asked for traffic too! I am one happy camper and delighted sailor. - James Lumpkin


Testimonial: Just Like to say your site is very good and great for the veterans like me and all the others who where injured in the services. - Robert Dolheguy


Testimonial: I think you have done an awesome job here, I love the look and feel of your exchange so far. - James Putt


Greg McClinchey, U.S. Navy 1983-1991 1 Persian Gulf Tour & Air Force Reserves, 2009-2012

Ken Wolff, Served in the Vietnam Conflict around 1966. Service Company. Battalion Headquarters, 1st Marine Division.